“Daniel Rolnik is The World’s Most Adorable Art Critic.”

Daniel Rolnik is a writer based in Los Angeles. His career started when he handed an old band’s flyer to a girl named Pocahontas, who for no particular reason invited him to write for a new magazine called LA Record. Since then, he’s gone on to interview some of the raddest artists in the world for websites like FecalFace and Argot & Ochre. And now he is also a contributing writer to publications like LA Weekly, Hi Fructose, Beautiful/Decay, CARTWHEEL, Bulkka, Hurley, Reserve Result, etc… If you ever hear “Hi, I’m Daniel” at an art opening, then just know that he’s probably near. Daniel Rolnik is The World’s Most Adorable Art Critic.

In March of 2013, Daniel launched his own art website and YouTube ChannelĀ that showcases videos of artists and photos of the art scene wherever he has travelled to, which at this point includes the entire USA, Australia, England, Canada, and more!

After much anticipation, Daniel announced in May 2013 that he is now the co-owner of INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY PRINTS - a screen print company dedicated to producing the finest works of contemporary art.